Greenpeace to protest Abbot Point Coal expansion

Greenpeace has warned it will undertake ‘peaceful civil disobedience’ to stop the expansion of Abbot Point Coal Terminal.

As Australian Mining reported yesterday, Gina Rinehart’s and GVK Hancock’s Terminal 3 development at the Port of Abbot Point, near Bowen was approved by the Federal Government last week.

The terminal is part of a wider project which will also see a 495 km standard gauge railway line built and the start-up of a new mine in the region.

Greenpeace’s Queensland campaigner Louise Mattiesson said with thousands of people opposed to the development, that government and companies should ‘come to their senses’ and stop the project, The Daily Mercury reported.

"Our campaign to prevent the massive expansion of… Abbot Point will continue and we're looking at legal options to contest the approval of the T3 Hancock Terminal," Matthiesson said.

"There are thousands of people across Queensland and Australia that are alarmed about the impacts of the port development in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area and we expect… this will continue to get a lot of national attention."

However, Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke said the expansion would be subject to 60 strict environmental conditions set to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

The conditions include conditions include a rigorous assessment process, and a seagrass offset package for the marine environment damaged as a result of the port expansion.

Burke has also included management plans for water and air quality and offshore shipping traffic.

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