Greenpeace plead guilty over coal mine protest

Greenpeace activists have pled guilty to charges relating to a protest which saw one man attach himself to rail line, disrupting coal trains.

The five protestors were arrested after they attached a steel box to a track connecting BHP Billiton’s Mt Arthur mine to Newcastle, according to

One of the protestors, Erland Howden, bolted himself inside the brightly painted box, which was painted with the slogan “pollution tax collection point.

The box managed to stop a coal train leaving the BHP mine, although it was only able to stop just 70 metres before the box itself.

The box measured 1.5 metres by 2.5 metres and was bolted to rail line from the inside.

The Greenpeace protestors pleaded guilty at Muswellbrook Local Court to trespass, with Howden pleading guilty to obstructing a locomotive and going across running lines.

Image: ABC

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