Greenies sink to “new lows” in anti-mining campaign

The Queensland Resources Council has joined Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan in slamming a "deplorable and obnoxious" anti-mining advertisement from Greenpeace.

The new ads have been placed in India's Financial Times and aim to oppose Indian investment in QLD coal projects.

The ads particularly target the joint venture Alpha coal project, which is being driven by Gina Rinehart and Indian-based GVK.

The ads say investing in Australia's industry would be "risky business" and activists were determined to "fight these coal projects every step of the way".

Swan told reporters the Government was committed to ensuring investment in the mining industry while safeguarding the environment.

He also said the Greenpeace/GetUp ads represented "obnoxious behaviour".

"They should be condemned and I condemn them in the strongest possible way," he said.

In a statement QRC chief Michael Roche said activists had sunk to "new lows" with the campaign.

Roche said the "rubbish" ads were the latest in an "increasingly shrill and irrational campaign" against the mining industry.

The full advertisement can be seen here.

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