Grants for mining safety launched in Mudgee

Schools and community groups in Mudgee could receive up to $2000 for identifying their own health and safety challenges.

The initiative is part of a move to promote OHS in local mining communities, and is funded by the Mine Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) to help bridge the gap in health and safety between the workplace and home.

The NSW Minerals Council represents the State’s mining industry on MSAC, a tripartite body which along with government and unions provides the NSW Minister for Resources and Energy with OHS advice.

As the representative for the $10 000 Health and Safety Community Grants scheme, the NSW Minerals Council, said the industry is fully behind the program launched in Mudgee today.

“Mudgee is a region which enjoys a rich mining past and bright mining future, the perfect launching pad for this pilot program which will encourage communities to think about health and safety in their everyday lives.” NSW Minerals Council Acting chief executive Sue-Ern Tan said.

“Safety is our number one priority and we want to share this message with the broader Mudgee community. OHS is not just restricted to mine sites but can be practiced throughout the community.

The grant is part of a wider industry campaign ‘Looking Out For Each Other’, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of workplace safety that benefits all, from employers and mine workers, to contractors and families, whether at home or at work.

Community groups and schools in the Mudgee area are eligible to apply for a grant, which can only be processed via the MSAC website above, with applications open until 10 June 2011.

Image: The ABC

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