Grant fuels largest software package

Micromine has been awarded a $5 million grant by the Australian government to develop a software platform which promises to transform the industry.

Micromine has been awarded a $5 million grant by the Australian government to develop a software platform which promises to transform the industry.

The announcement was made by Micromine’s managing director Graeme Tuder.

“At an estimated total cost of more than $11.4 million, MasterMine will be the largest ever mining software development project to be carried out,” Tuder said.

This will be the third grant awarded to Micromine by the Australian government’s Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

“This grant reflects the trust that the Australian government has placed in Micromine,” he said.

As the demand for exploration and mining software soars in the biggest resources boom in Australian history, the grant comes at just the right time as the company intends to closely integrate and consolidate its principal applications.

With Micromine’s dominant national and global position having just recently opened another office in Adelaide making it no. 14, the grant will increase the local and international competitiveness of Australian-made mining software.

Certain products are available in up to four different languages and Micromine is the first stop for companies looking for software to be deployed at a multi-lingual site with a multi-lingual project.

The company meets the challenge of ongoing change in the resources sector by investing heavily in R&D, a commitment that’s allowed it to grow with its partners and clients.

Spanning the next three years, the software will provide a new platform for mining and exploration software. The new information technology environment will see close integration and further consolidation between Micromine’s principal applications, MICROMINE (mine design and modelling tool), GBIS (data management system), PITRAM (mine production control system) and DOME (mine production management system).

According to the company, users will significantly benefit from a single-vendor solution that will facilitate strategic enterprise management.

The software will focus on evolving Micromine’s existing solutions in three distinct streams including resource data management, resource modelling and underground mine production control.

The new approach to the management of resource data will provide the platform for the development of data management models and approaches which is currently not possible through existing environments.

The main aim of the project is to develop a platform which will increase effectiveness of companies’ IT infrastructure and utilisation of skilled human resources.

Potential savings through reduction of data management costs can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Through automated underground production control, the software will provide operators with production control features that are currently available only in the open-pit environment.

There will be notable improvements to utilisation of equipment and people, with cost savings to be made per tonne mined. This technology is currently being developed in close consultation with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Solution prototypes are expected to be deployed towards the second half of 2009.

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