Goodline’s bad FIFO roster a mistake

Construction and maintenance contractor Goodline has raised eyebrows with a job advertisement offering a 12/1 roster in Port Hedland.

WA Today reported on the proposed roster yesterday, describing it as a “suicide roster”, however since then Goodline has said the ad contained a mistake.

The ad offered electricians permanent FIFO roles with a 56 hour week, four weeks annual leave, and a local living allowance.

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union state secretary Steve McCartney expressed outrage at the proposition of a 12/1 roster, and said the company was trying to take advantage of people who have lost their jobs as a result of the mining sector downturn.

“It is an absolute disgrace that companies are preying on the job security fears of our FIFO members to force them into rosters that will kill workers' marriages and wreck their mental health,” McCartney said.

Goodline general manager Dwayne Finch told the ABC that the ad was not for FIFO roles, but for residential positions in Port Hedland, Weipa and Darwin, a mistake which has seen the ad taken off

“We made a mistake in the advertisement,” he said.

“The roster is a residential roster in which guys are entitled to four flights per annual period.

“They'll be based in Port Hedland – mum, dad, kids, dog, boat – they live there as residential employees.”

When contacted by Australian Mining Finch said he did not wish to comment further than the statements he had already made to the ABC, however when asked why the residential roles would include flights he said they were for employees to “get back to Perth for a bit of a break” and did not apply to the families of workers living in Port Hedland.

A spokesperson for the AMWU said the union has received reports from Goodline FIFO employees that company management had raised the prospect of transitioning from 4/1 to a 12/1 roster.

One employee took to Facebook anonymously to express dissatisfaction with the 12/1 proposal, stating they were under the impression the change would take place a month from the post date of April 15.


The original advertisement, posted on


Words from an anonymous Goodline employee.

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