Goldfields Mining Expo set for a shake up after being labelled ‘irrelevant’

The Goldfields Mining Expo is set for a shake up as the Kalgoorlie Boulder Chamber of Commerce says the current format of the show is no longer relevant to the sector.

Major plans for a redesign of the expo are underway as the biannual event, which was scheduled to run again next year, has been pushed back to May 2015.

The expo was originally annual, starting in 1983 to 2004 before becoming biennial.

However CEO of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hugh Gallagher said the Expo had become redundant in its current state, ABC reported.

"Back in 1983 we were a mining region, that hasn't changed, but what we didn't have is what we call a service sector.

"Back then we didn't have all these well known names on our doorstep in West Kalgoorlie and Esperance, they weren't here, so the only way to get them here was to have an event and they would bring their wares…

"These days it's all on our doorstep, some of those companies have got a major investment in west Kalgoorlie and that's there for the long haul."

Reed Mining Events, which manage the show for the KBCCI said specific details surrounding the redesign had not yet been finalised.

However the new format is set to retain the networking components, technical education, and face-to-face engagement opportunities between suppliers and their customers, but will minimise the level of required investment for all participants.

"The Mining Expo as we knew it was relevant, the Mining Expo as we know it today has become irrelevant,” Gallagher said.

"So what we need to do is find out what will be relevant and put that in place.

"When you become irrelevant and the mining industry no longer go there, it's time for change."

Paul Baker, director of Reed Mining Events told Australian Mining that visitors to the 2015 show should expect some major changes.

“GME in 2015 will not be in the same format as it was in 2012,” he said.

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