Gold mining reality show premieres

A group of “everyday men” mining gold in Alaska will share their experiences in the premiere of a new reality show this week.

Gold Rush Alaska is a top rating program in the United States, documenting the work lives of 65-year-old Jack Hoffman and his workers as he spends the last of his money on leasing a claim and buying mining equipment.

“This group of everyday men have harnessed their hopes and dreams and combined it with ferocity of spirit in an attempt to rekindle the American Dream for their families,” Clark Bunting, President and General Manager, Discovery Channel said.

“Gold Rush Alaska reflects what many Americans are feeling right now, and it’s clearly struck a chord with our audience.

"We can’t wait to go mining with the Hoffmans again, on a renewed journey of blood, sweat and tears – and hopefully, to gold.”

Hoffman is the only one on the site with mining experience and cannot afford to pay their unemployed friends who instead work on the agreement that they will get a share in the money brought in from the production.

Viewers will watch the drama unfold and might also appreciate Hoffman’s one liners, including “It’s a big hole, that’s for sure,” and “We have to keep mining. It’s not a question of wanting to, we have to.”

Gold Rush Alaska series premiere airs 7:30pm Thursday 9 June on the Discovery Channel.

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Image: The Discovery Channel

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