GMG aligns mining on interoperability

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has published an alignment report with a consensus from 17 mining companies regarding the industry’s vision and direction for interoperability

Interoperability is where systems exchange contextualised information to ‘enable more productive, safe and cost-effective mines.’ It also allows higher levels of transparency and openness within the mining industry.

The concept is vital in the age of digital technologies, where mining companies are increasingly investing in automation, integration, and digitisation initiatives.

GMG chair Michelle Ash said, “Achieving mining company alignment on priorities, vision and guiding principles for interoperability was a logical first step because they are the ones most immediately affected by the safety and productivity challenges associated with poor interoperability.”

The GMG report serves as a first step on the ‘road to interoperability’, creating an integrated strategy to obtain industry alignment among stakeholders.

This shared vision will benefit progress and innovation as the mining industry ‘moves in the same direction to approach a common challenge.’

Disruptive technologies such as autonomous mining and new processes including integration and digitalisation, will be key in achieving agreed-upon industry priorities of sustainable mining, safety, productivity, and transparency.

“This alignment will provide a foundation for building improved communication and collaboration between all stakeholders to drive the industry forward,” Ash said.

These priorities will be achieved through improvements in data interface, integrated control systems, cybersecurity, safety, and governance.

This report is part of GMG’s Interoperability and Functional Safety Acceleration Strategy, which was launched in early 2019 with industry support from BHP and Rio Tinto.

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