Glove company lends a hand for mines rescue comp

This year’s Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) will test the emergency response teams’ skills in everything on mine sites from vehicle extrication to fire fighting, from first aid to rope rescue.

The competition, in its third year will test teams across Western Australia.

Hand safety is an important issue for rescue teams, and Performance on Hand has offered all competitors high performance safety gloves for safety during rescue operations.

MERC committee member and Performance On Hand managing director Damione Wright said hand safety is essential in these emergency situations.

“Teams will be enduring threats from fire, glass, debris, and tools whilst being under the extreme pressure of competition. The potential for injury is always there.

“Performance On Hand is proud to be involved and providing essential hand safety solutions to all the brave competitors at MERC,” he said.

The average direct cost of a single hand injury is over $8000, according to the company.

Wright said the gloves are designed for safety and tactility. It is created for all sizes and designed for multitasking in different environments.

Proceeds from MERC will go to Miners’ Promise, which helps families and individuals with financial and benevolent support if a family member in the mining industry is killed or faces permanent disability.

“Events such as MERC are vital in emphasising the importance of these response teams in our communities as well as the safety in these hazardous situations,” Wright said.

“With MERC continuing industries will continue to respond to the need for constant improvement in hand and finger protection in the workplace.”

There were double the number of teams participating in the mines rescue competition in South Australia last year.

Al the MERC action is open to the public. It will run over the weekend of September 21 and 22 at Langley Park in Perth.

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