Global activists join fight to “kill” Whitehaven mine

A global protest group based in New York has joined the fight to try and “kill” Whitehaven Coal's Maules Creek project, after the company suffered a share market hoax earlier this week.

Following the hoax led by Front Line Action on Coal spokesperson Jonathan Moylan, the international group has sent out an e-mail asking its members to sign a petition protesting the move by ANZ to help finance Maules Creek.

“With all of the renewed attention on the mine after the clever stunt, we have a chance right now to kill this mine project once and for all,” the e-mail said.

“Companies like ANZ are extremely vulnerable right now to consumer pressure on the environment, especially when it's made previous commitments to stop climate change.

“If enough of us shame them, ANZ will have no choice but to live up to its promises.”

Like the hoax drawn up by Moylan earlier this week protest group Sum of Us says ANZ should not help finance Maules Creek because of its commitment to the Equator Principles, which block investment in projects that have a negative social or environmental outcome.

The Maules Creek project has received full environmental approval from the NSW Government. You can read the project's environmental assessment here.

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