Glencore to elevate mill performance with mobile app

Glencore’s mills are going digital after the company adopted a new maintenance mobile app (IMIS).

With the power smartphone technology, an operator can manage mill performance, maintenance, work tasks and performance benchmarks directly from a phone or tablet.

The IMIS app is exclusive to for IsaMill licensees such as Glencore and free to use.

It is expected to maximise mill performance in a short time, transforming how mining mills are serviced.

“The IMIS app is incredibly powerful. It is several tools in one,” IsaMill manager for aftermarket and support Tim Shea said.

“From a great deal of data and comparisons, perhaps the biggest gain is that an operation can quickly work to reduce maintenance, increase availability and extend the life of their mill.”

While keeping details confidential, the app analyses data from other mills to provide advanced benchmarking capabilities.

Glencore will be able to use the app to also track the mill component wear plus the mill’s performance over its lifespan.

“What we’re chasing for every mill customer is the chance to draw on the breadth of IsaMill installations around the world, so they can improve the performance of their own mill,” Shea said.

“They can even predict factors, like how long components will last on their own site. At the same time, they can learn from the community of IsaMill operators.

“I don’t know of any other mill technology prepared to draw real world data and provide so much to their operations.”

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