Give locals a ‘fair go’ for mining jobs

Following a protest last week the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union has demanded locals be given a "fair go" at scoring mining jobs.

In a statement yesterday AMWU state secretary Steve McCartney said it was "disgraceful" mining companies were aiming to import skilled labour while manufacturing workers continued to lose jobs.

"First they began importing the manufacturing for these mines from overseas, now they want to important the labour as well," he said.

"How are we supposed to benefit from the boom when governments go weak at the knees when negotiating with large resources companies?"

Last week unions led a march on WA Parliament and Hancock Prospecting's office protesting the use of foreign labour and chanting "Gina Rinehart's full of sh*t".

Roy Hill bosses have previous marked the use of international workers as a necessary "risk management" strategy to ensure mining projects went ahead.

Hancock Prospecting has also committed $26 million to local training as part of their EMA contract to import foreign workers, and claimed up to 2,000 training positions will be created for locals.

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