Gillard fires strong words at mining’s leaders

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has delivered a strongly worded address to the mining industry, and reminded some of its biggest players that they don't "own" the minerals they mine.

PerthNow reports Gillard made the speech to the annual Parliamentary dinner in Canberra, arguing the case for spreading the benefits of the boom to other sectors of the economy.

According to PerthNow Gillard told mining leaders Australians didn't "begrudge hard work" and they admired the success of magnates, but miners themselves needed to understand they weren't the only hard workers in the economy.

She told miners millions of other workers had the right to reap more from the boom.

"You don't own the minerals. I don't own the minerals," she said.

"Governments only sell you the right to mine the resource. A resource we hold in trust for a sovereign people."

"They own it and they deserve their share."

Image: MystifyMe Concert Photography (Troy)

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