Ghostly protests against Northern Territory uranium mining

Ten people dressed as spectres protested outside Energy Resources of Australia’s head office in Darwin yesterday, in opposition of plans to expand uranium mining in the Northern Territory.

As Australian Mining reported yesterday, Energy Resources of Australia say a new uranium mine in the Northern Territory will play an important role in future energy needs.

The company is seeking approval for the proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground uranium mine.

The miner has also allocated $57 million for a prefeasibility study into the development of the underground mine.

However, environmentalists say they do not want the mine to go ahead near Kakadu National Park.

"Uranium from Kakadu was used at Fukushima," said Anna Wiggs of Stuart Park, NT news reported.

"Kakadu is a world heritage area and it's still broken into sections not included in the national park. It's a disgrace."

Police looked on as protesters climbed palm trees on the SkyCity Casino lawns.

Environment Centre NT nuclear-free campaigner Cat Beaton said the group was against ERA's plans to mine underground.

"We believe the Ranger lease should go like Koongarra and be incorporated into Kakadu National Park," Beaton said.

"Uranium mining is unique," she said. "The waste products have the potential to last a long time and do more damage than other mines."

"Two years ago ERA had to shut down for mismanagement of waste water issues," she said.

Earlier this year, a survivor of the Fukushima nuclear accident urged governments to reinstate their ban on uranium mining.

Visiting Brisbane as part of a delegation from the Japanese disaster relief organisation Peace Boat, dairy farmer Hasegawa Kenichi said mining uranium was too dangerous.

"Uranium is something the human body cannot handle, cannot cope with. It's like opening Pandora's box," he told AAP.

"This government, all governments, must stop using this substance.

"It must be left underground."


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