GHH Drives efficiency and productivity with its world class equipment

GHH’s EDS efficient drive system is set to save money and increase productivity and safety.

Since GHH started manufacturing LHD’s and mine trucks the company has supplied over 3700 units worldwide, while extending its product range to include diesel and electric driven loaders, diesel powered dump trucks, scalers and heavy duty concrete mixers.

The GHH range includes machines with sophisticated systems that utilize hydrostatic drives as well as standard hydrodynamic systems with very little electronics, the level of sophistication will depend on the market and the customers’ requirements always with a focus on safety and operator comfort. GHH has the ability to customize loaders and trucks to suit their customer’s needs and is consistently developing vehicles to suit their customers’ specific requirements.

The Mine Master range of underground drill rigs and bolters is both competitively and robustly manufactured, with good quality and tailor made products available. Narrow vein mining has often presented the challenge of deciding between using selective mining with dedicated machines that had limited productivity per tonne or making the headings wider with higher productivity while producing extra waste rock.

The tight space in narrow vein mining provides multiple challenges to all equipment suppliers, specifically relating to the provision of safe and highly productive mining within the limited area. In attempting to design a drilling rig which could offer a wider variety of equipment utilization, Mine Master faced the challenges directly. The new FACE MASTER 2.5NVDR machine features Mine Master’s state-of-the-art solution to convert the flexible, oscillated carrier to a rigid module during drilling. The old problems of instability during tramming and drilling are now solved through this central oscillated vertical main pivot which changes the tyre load distribution on uneven roads and headings.

GHH Australia jointly released the Australian spec FM2.8MPD, a robust multi-purpose twin boom development drill rig capable of face and roof drilling, as well as scaling bolting and meshing.

The new low profile mining products feature GHH’s efficient drive system that provides it with several advantages over other companies’ drivetrains. GHH’s efficient drive system reduces brake and tyre wear, maintenance costs, fuel consumption and increases productivity and safety standards.

GHH have the capability and flexibility to offer tailor made equipment offering state of the art LHD’s (Load haul dumpers) and dump trucks for hard rock underground mining and tunnelling.

GHH is one of the only manufacturers that supply a hybrid combination hydrostatic/hydrodynamic loader that utilises the EDS (efficient drive system).

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