Get amped on refurbishing

Austar Coal Mine has managed to save costs by purchasing second-hand, refurbished equipment. Jessica Darnbrough writes.

Austar Coal Mine, located approximately 10km south west of Cessnock in the Newcastle Coalfields of New South Wales, wanted to upgrade their operations by introducing a belt splicing substation.

Not wanting to spend a fortune, the mine instead decided to hire the substation.

The miner approached Ampcontrol who told them to invest in refurbished equipment.

According to Austar, in an environment where cost saving initiatives and business critical projects are essential to sustaining operations, the option to hire or buy refurbished equipment is an efficient way of addressing immediate business needs.

Ampcontrol was able to offer a time efficient solution by utilising two existing 50kVA, 1050v / 433v capacity substations which could be connected via extension type cable to provide 100kVA capacity.

By sourcing refurbished equipment, the miner was able to avoid the long lead times that are commonly associated with the purchase and manufacture of new substation equipment.

The subs were re-designed for use as local 415v supply for high power 3 phase welding stations at an Austar underground longwall face.

The equipment can also be used in conveyor belt splicing which is generally undertaken during longwall re-assignments.

The two units are more compact in size and were fitted with purpose built protective cages around each unit.

The subs met all load testing requirements and were delivered to the customer in 6 weeks.


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