Gem Miner: An addictive distraction

Today we’re going to invoke an old tradition here at Australian Mining, and recommend a mining game of the week.

This week’s game is nigh-on a cult classic for Android users: Gem Miner.

Here’s the link for Google Play, if you want to have a crack.

And in all honesty, that’s probably a Freudian slip, because in this journalist’s opinion Gem Miner is the crack cocaine of mining-themed, touchscreen computer games.

I discovered it while working on an expansion to the plant at Mt Keith, back when it was still owned by BHP.

I couldn’t put it down- literally every spare moment I could find, whether on the bus, in the crib room, the air-conditioned toilet blocks (It was hitting the low 50s on a regular basis) or hiding in shady corners around the plant while the crane driver was napping, I was avoiding the job of building more nickel plant while trying to dig up pixelated coal, emeralds, diamonds, and of course the sweet, sweet gold that I could trade in for more imaginary pit props and ladders to keep on going.

It’s a really nice metaphor for the industry, chronicling one tiny man’s struggle to get in and out of the mine without getting caught in a rockfall, or simply getting too tired to crawl back out of the hole.

But I do warn you, after two months on this truly evil game I realised that I had a serious problem, and had to delete it off my phone.

Approach with caution.

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