GE launches suite of technologies to enhance mine productivity

GE Mining, a division of GE Transportation, has released Digital Mine, a suite of technologies to improve performance, reliability, safety, and operations. The intelligent, real-time monitoring, allows operators to make data-driven decisions that improve equipment reliability and enhance mine operations.

The suite is powered by GE’s Predix, the world’s only open, cloud-based operating platform built exclusively for industry and combines machine sensors, connectivity, data capture, visualisation and analytics to support management of an asset’s lifecycle.

“As we’re doing successfully for the rail industry, we’re using our Industrial Internet mindset to actively monitor and diagnose equipment and operations to improve assets, maximise efforts, boost fuel efficiency and lower costs,” Scott Phillips, vice president and CEO of GE Mining said.

GE’s suite of condition-monitoring capabilities collects information such as vibration data, temperature and pressure to inform mine operators of machine health, and also detects impending failures before they occur. Data collected from disparate systems enables the linking of insights across machines and processes, which can lead to better predictivity and decreased likelihood of accidents while increasing productivity.

The digital solutions help reduce equipment failures and can deliver up to five percent improvement in mineral recovery.

In addition to software, GE Mining provides customised solutions, for example, Komatsu is using GE’s 400 Ton Wheel Motor on its new 980E-4 mining haul truck. It is the industry’s most powerful and efficient electric wheel motor and has created a new class in haul truck performance. Its drive system delivers the lowest operating cost per ton in the 400-t haul truck class market.

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