Fully autonomous excavators ‘key to building a new era’: MPC Kinetic

An MPK and Built Robotics autonomous excavator.

MPC Kinetic has launched its first fully autonomous excavators in Queensland, with more to come as the company aims to extend autonomous excavation operations.

The Brisbane headquartered resource and construction firm has, for the first time, trialled a fully-automated 36-tonne excavator using an artificial intelligence system created by U.S. technology startup Built Robotics.

MPC Kinetic has continued to work with Built Robotics with the launch of excavators to dig pipeline trenches across Queensland’s Surat Basin.

For MPC Kinetic business unit leader Richard Butler, the machines will help jumpstart a new era of earth-moving equipment.

“We see autonomous earth-moving equipment as the key to building a new era of construction here in Australia,”  he said.

“We see the development of innovative solutions like fully autonomous excavation as a win for our crews, our company, and importantly, our clients.

“For us, it’s not about replacing our people, it’s about freeing up our skilled workers from simple, repetitive tasks, and letting them focus on the more technical and critical duties within our operations.”

At a time when site activity in Australia is being reduced due to tighter travel restrictions surrounding COVID-19, autonomous vehicles have become a valuable asset.

“Safety and efficiency will always be at the core of MPC Kinetic’s culture, but it’s innovative solutions like automation that enable us to deliver a value for our business and partners,” Butler said.


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