From homegrown start-up to global innovator: GroundProbe turns 20


GroundProbe’s RGR-Velox monitoring in the field. Image: GroundProbe

GroundProbe is celebrating 20 years of operation, representing a company that’s grown from a homegrown start-up to a global innovator in safety technologies.

An Orica subsidiary, GroundProbe is widely considered the world leader in real-time geohazard monitoring technologies that help manage risk, ensure safety and increase productivity across mining and civil projects.

Today, GroundProbe partners with mining companies all across the world to supply its monitoring solutions across both open cut and underground operations, preventing fatal collapses or slope failures in the process.

GroundProbe chief executive officer and founder David Noon is proud of his company’s journey, saying the success of his business is built on a culture of innovation and customer intimacy that permeates company-wide.

“GroundProbe has now deployed more than 700 systems and support services to customers in more than 35 countries,” he said.

“To get to that level, we have proudly built long-term, trusted relationships with the top-20 mining and resources companies, globally.

“Across all of those deployed radars and customers, and in our entire 20-year history, I am most proud to say that we have fulfilled our ultimate goal by making mining safer. Our technology has never failed to detect a collapse, ultimately saving numerous lives.”

Anglo American head of geotechnical – T&S Group Lesley Munsamy recently highlighted the miner’s proud partnership with GroundProbe.

Anglo American celebrated a number of ‘firsts’ with GroundProbe, with the capturing of the first ever slope deformation data, the detection of the first ever slope failure and the first international radar deployment at Anglo American mine sites.

“Our mutually beneficial partnership is based on GroundProbe’s impeccable safety track record and continuous innovation of its hardware and software tools,” said Munsamy.

“The precise and valuable data that GroundProbe provides our sites has had an impact on our safety and productivity by enhancing our risk-management practices.

“GroundProbe redefined the slope risk management practices across the world. The availability of reliable real-time monitoring has had a significant impact on safety, a contribution that cannot be underestimated.”

GroundProbe holds aspirations to continue its growth into the future, as the company continues to cement its standing as most trusted brand for real-time geohazard monitoring.

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