Four Mile native title feud settled

 Alliance Resources has settled the litigation concerning its native title agreement for the Four Mile uranium project.

The joint venture partners of the uranium project were mired in a legal dispute regarding native title agreements on the site.

Alliance Resources, who holds 25% of the Four Mile project, had gone to the Supreme Court against its joint venture partner Quasar Resources, an affiliate of US miner Heathgate Resources.

Alliance accused both Quasar and Heathgate of combining the Four Mile project with Heathgate’s Beverley Mine, in native title negotiations.

Alliance stated that it was not involved in negotiations on the agreement, and that it had exposed Alliance to possible liabilities arising from the Beverley project.

It sought to change the previous native title agreement to exclude it from liabilities on the Beverley project, in which it holds no stake.

Quasar refused to an amendment of the agreement, which forced Alliance to pursue legal alternatives.

Quasar stated that it would defend the court proceedings, at the time saying "the claim by Alliance is without merit, as Quasar has made the overwhelming majority of the investment in the joint venture".

According to Alliance the litigation has bow been settled, although the terms of the settlement are confidential.

"The litigation is now resolved and (the project) has been registered by the South Australian Mining Registrar. It is expected that a mining lease for the Four Mile Project will issue shortly thereafter," the miner said.


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