Former miner suing Anglo American over truck accident

A former Callide coal miner is suing Anglo American over a truck accident he claims has kept him out of work, however Anglo claims the man is lying.

Glynn House is reportedly suing Anglo American and contractor Workpac for damages over injuries he suffered when he crashed his haul truck, according to The Morning Bulletin.

The incident occurred in 2010, when House was driving his haulpack at the Callide coal mine as an employee of Workpac, although he had recently been offered a fixed term contract with Anglo American.

During his daily operations, he drove over a rise and saw the truck in front of him had stopped; despite House slamming his emergency brakes he still crashed into the rear of the other vehicle, and was reportedly trapped in the wreck for two hours.

House stated, “The pain was excruciating,” adding he has pain to this day.

He was rescued from the vehicle and taken to Rockhampton Hospital, where he was discharged later that day with bruising to his legs, returning to work the next day to aid in the investigation.

Lawyers for House claim the incident has caused long term injuries that have prevented him from full time work, although he returned to work nine months after the incident, and continued working until April 2013 when his fixed term contract expired.

Since that time House has been out of work, stating the injury has been a cause for his unemployment situation.

However, Anglo American’s lawyers claim House previously had long term injuries, and lied about them on his medical declaration.

Barrister for Anglo, Graeme Crow, said medical records demonstrated House has previously suffered lower back pain between 1994 and 2004 that had prevented him from full time work.

Crow added House lied during his medical test, stating that he claimed it had not affected him for 15 years.

House denied he misled the medical examiner, “It’s not something I’ve hidden. It’s not something I could hide. Why would I?”

The trial will continue.



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