FMG cuts haulage jobs at Cloudbreak

The employment fears of FMG workers at the Cloudbreak iron ore mine were realised today with a number of truck drivers sacked this morning.

WA Today reported that truck drivers were woken up at 3am and assembled in a recreation room where names were called, some workers were moved to another area, and those remaining were told they were going home.

According to sources close to the situation this information was incorrect.

A nightshift worker interviewed by Fairfax said around 30 workers were sacked from the same shift this morning, with no notice.

“There was no notice, it was just 3 o’clock you got told what was going on, then you waited around until they told everyone else, put on a bus, back to camp, told to pack your room up, it’s pretty harsh,” he said.

A Fairfax source said the sacked drivers were given plastic bags and told to pack their belongings.

Truck drivers flying up to site on Wednesday morning were not prevented from leaving Perth, and instead were allowed to reach site before receiving the information that they had to return home.

FMG issued notification of roster changes on April 15, and now claim the redundancies were not a surprise to workers.

FMG have not stated the number of workers sacked, claiming the true number of redundancies is not known as some workers will be redeployed at other FMG sites.

FMG refinanced debts through the junk bond market recently, even increasing the initial offering of US$1.5 million to US$2.3 billion at 9.7 per cent per annum, postponing further debt until 2019.

Image: The Australian

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