FLSmidth sets sights on cutting emissions to zero by 2030

Image: FLSmidth.

Danish company FLSmidth has launched its sustainability program MissionZero, which aims to reduce emissions across the global cement and mining industries by 2030.

FLSmidth estimated it could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per kilogram for cement by approximately 70 per cent by 2030, while accelerating solutions to close the remaining 30 per cent gap.

Cement production makes up 7 per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions. As the global consumption of cement has risen by 278 per cent in the past 20 years, FLSmidth identified this as an opportunity to aim high for a zero emission, zero waste solution.

FLSmidth group chief executive Thomas Schulz said with economic and population growth and the world looking to renewable energy options, comes the demand for more infrastructure.

“All of that requires cement and minerals, and demand will only continue to rise,” Schulz said.

“We launch MissionZero to seize the opportunity to increase production and at the same time drive emissions towards zero.”

As the global demand for water is set to exceed water supply by 40 per cent by 2030, the company also wants to offer its customers solutions for waterless mining processes.

It has set a goal to offer solutions that support zero water waste by 2030, building on the success of its dry-stack tailings solution (DST), which can recover up to 95 per cent of process water while being economically competitive with alternative water management options such as desalination.

As some solutions for reducing emissions do not yet exist, FLSmidth will actively seek knowledge partnerships with other companies and suppliers to co-create solutions.

Schulz said while MissionZero is the company’s most ambitious goals to date, it is necessary, and the company is perfectly positioned to address the challenges its customers face going ahead.

“As a leader in the cement and mining industries, we have a responsibility to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions,” he said.

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