FLIR launches world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter

FLIR Systems Australia announces a new thermal imaging clamp meter featuring an in-built thermal camera for use in electrical troubleshooting applications.

Prior to FLIR’s revolutionary development, it was a tiresome process for electricians to pinpoint problems, forcing them to chase down the cause, one electrical measurement at a time. This inability to locate the true source of the problem led to call-backs from customers, resulting in electricians wasting time troubleshooting problems they thought were resolved, and also putting their safety at risk in the absence of information about the real issue.

FLIR has now launched the world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter, the FLIR CM174, incorporating a built-in thermal camera that powers FLIR’s IGM (Infrared Guided Measurement) technology, which visually guides users to temperature differences and pinpoints anomalies, so they can fix the system, not just the fault, to get the equipment up and running without any risk of the problem recurring at the site.

FLIR’s CM174 600A AC/DC clamp meter also enables electricians to detect new issues such as overheating or loose connection problems, expanding their scope of work and resulting in more business.

Electricians can also examine any problem area from a safe distance, especially when dealing with cluttered wires or scanning complex panels for hazards, using the IGM to show the anomalies without physically having to reach into the panel. The narrow-jaw design and built-in work lights make it easier to clamp the meter around wires in tight spaces or in poor lighting conditions.

FLIR’s CM174 600A AC/DC clamp meters also validate findings with advanced measurement features to help solve complex electrical issues.

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