Five mining heavy haulage pictures

We've put together some impressive pictures of companies moving massive mining equipment down the road.

This first image is all the better because the haul truck has retained its wheels. Sometimes the tray and wheels are taken off and moved separately, but it all depends on the resources and space that's available.

Image: Photos TP

This second image by Hevi Haul shows the logistics involved in moving heavy equipment through built-up areas. It doesn't look easy.

Image: Hevi Haul

This next photo shows a pretty unusual way to move a haul truck, and by the looks of it, it wasn't taken in Australia.

Image: Source

Here we have a Liebherr 996 haudraulic excavator on the move. It makes that truck behind it look like a child's toy.

Image: Source

Finally we've a procession of haul truck trays, hanging out almost the entire width of the road.

Image: Flickr/ Hive Mind

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