Fined companies blame WorkSafe for death

One of the companies fined over the death of a worker in Broome says WorkSafe's lack of guidance is partly to blame for the accident.

ABC News reports Kathleen Price from Oilfields Transport said the conviction of it and Baker Hughes highlighted the lack of safety support provided to remote businesses.

"I'm not saying both companies aren't at fault, but there has to be some responsibility taken by Worksafe for not providing enough documentation for companies," she said.

"I know probably in the cities they do, but up here, being remote, information isn't provided enough for companies."

Oilfields Transport and Baker Hughes were fined $60,000 and $80,000 respectively last week following the death of two men in an explosion in 2008.

Worksafe Commissioner Lex McCulloch told the ABC the ultimate responsibility for safety was with the employer.

McCulloch said WorkSafe could not personally visit each of the 220,000 businesses in Australia, and it was up to each company to commit to safety.

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