Final day of GME comes to an end

The final day of the Goldfields Mining Exhibition is in full swing as exhibitors show off their latest innovations in machinery and wears. Australian Mining strolled the stands to bring you some of the latest and greatest in products from GME 2012.

RCT Automation Guidance System

RCT have showcased their new Control Master Guidance system at this year’s GME. The new system uses advanced control and automation technology to reduce impact damage to machinery whilst increasing general taming speed. The system automatically controls steering, braking, speed, distance from walls and major obstacles while keeping the equipment on path which means all the operator has to do is direct the machine in a forward or reverse direction to move it. RCT said the guidance system will improve productivity, reduce operator fatigue, and minimise machine damage.

Sulzer – The ABS submersible dewatering pump XJ/XJS

Packed with electronic intelligence, the new range of pumps by Sulzer can save companies time and money by providing a range of control and monitoring functions which collect data on energy, wear and which allow pump condition to be checked without disassembly. Built-in pump electronics eliminate the need for traditional control panels while a USB port allows for the immediate assessment of pump history via a PC. Set to a stop at dry running and start again at speclfled level, the pump is sure to save on both energy consumption and wear maintained costs.


The combination of the ITEST appliance tester with memory, barcode scanner, keypad and printer means high speed testing with professional label printouts and the option of having your company logo included. The ITEST comes with a 5000 item memory storage, thermal transfer printer, simplified one-button testing and programmable user and site names.

TESAB – Jaw Crusher 10570

The self contained tracked jaw crusher features a Caterpillar power pack, vibrating plate feeder with T-175-IPS- 2 Deck Independent PreScreen and telescopic side dirt conveyor and hydraulically adjustable jaws with safety release.Tesab machines can be tailor-made to customer specifications.

Strata Worldwide – HazardAvert – Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance

HazardAvert is designed to minimize crushing and pinning type of accidents and vehicle collisions by establishing magnetic field zones around machinery. The technology is installed onto machinery and with the use of electromagnetic fields, marks areas considered to be potentially dangerous. When these ‘marked zones’ are breached, alarms sound to warn of danger and machinery can even be programmed to slow down or stop completely. Workers and operators are given a Personal-Alarm device which determines their proximity from machines and alerts them to danger. Collisions between vehicles are also avoided by alarm devices integrated with the proximity modules. The system uses low frequency signals which is not hampered by conditions and is able to pass through rock, coal, dust and water.

Durst – SmartWasher DSW-123M 

Being an aqueous base machine means no more harmful fumes from the solvent based machines, no more skin irritations like dermatitis, no more need for mandatory EPA & OH & S paperwork records to be maintained, being water based it won't attack rubber or plastic so no need to even remove an O ring to clean a part saving time and money, wheel the SmartWasher under the hoist to clean the brakes and the hoses & lines.

The unique microbe recycling system of the SmartWasher can save you business money and protects the environment and your employees.

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