FIFO sex workers provide “valuable service”

Scarlet Alliance CEO Janelle Fawkes says FIFO sex workers targeting mining towns provide a "valuable service" to regional communities and don't charge higher rates than usual.

In a Q and A with Mamamia Fawkes said FIFO sex workers provided a necessary service and contributed to mining communities by spending money in town.

She also said most mining communities accepted the role played by sex workers.

"In many regional locations I have found the local community to be friendly, interested and respectful," she said.

"Locations like Kalgoorlie in WA have recognized that sex work is part of their history and even have bus tours of the historic sex work strip."

Fawkes said some of the difficulties sex workers faced in targeting regional towns included isolation and a lack of health services and accommodation.

She also said the recent court battle where a Queensland sex worker won the right to operate out of a motel room proved "the high level of systemic discrimination against sex workers" was no longer acceptable.

"In the majority of cases sex workers are extremely discreet and nobody even realises sex work is taking place," she said.

You can read the full interview at Mamamia here.

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