FIFO mine workers turn to stripping

A Perth-based ‘”male entertainment” boss says more men are using gyms at FIFO operations to get buff and then trying their hand at stripping when off rotation.

Top Shelf Entertainment, which provides strippers and topless waiters for hens nights and girls-nights out,  says there has been an increase in men from the mining industry taking up jobs in the entertainment sector.

It is believed the FIFO rosters, coupled with well-appointed gyms and dining halls at remote sites has added to the amount of men returning home in better shape, and increased business for some.

"A lot of the guys do work away and then come down and work for me," Top Shelf Entertainment owner Leigh Speicher said.

"Some do a couple of hours every few weeks, some do four or five hours every week. The talent pool has got a bit bigger but the main effect has been more competition – other companies starting up and people thinking they can do the same thing."

While Malestorm Entertainment owner Adam Curtis, a former FIFO worker, said there had been a rise in the number of men who were fit enough to do the work, The West Australian reported.

"I have noticed a lot more guys ringing up,” he said.

However Curtis warned that looks alone would not get you a gig at his company.

“You can have the hottest body and have the confidence but unless you have the ability to build rapport then it is not going to work for us.”

Curtis believes the release of male stripper film Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum, triggered interest in the industry.

While not as dangerous as working at an operating mine site, the job of a male stripper still has the potential to cause injury, Curtis warned.

"I have been bitten and scratched," Curtis said.

"I regularly have G-strings snapped and pulled.

"The unwritten for blokes at a buck's show is you don't touch the strippers but for some reason when girls get together all those rules go right out the window. For some reason it is quite acceptable for the girls to try to break you down.”

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