FIFO inquiry recommendations need to be implemented: Isaac Mayor

Queensland Councils have been urged to lobby the Federal Government to adopt all the recommendations from the FIFO inquiry as a matter of urgency.

Isaac Council asked all local councils at the recent Local Government National Assembly to lobby the Commonwealth to implement the recommendations.

The findings of the 209-page report were tabled in Parliament earlier this year, making 21 recommendation to government including better resourcing communities under pressure from large FIFO workforces, removing tax benefits for companies using transient workforces, a study into the impact on communities and the development of a housing strategy

Councillor Anne Baker said the unanimous support from councils showed changes were of priority to them, ABC reported.

"It was very pleasing to be in that room and to see a unanimous endorsement," she said.

"Obviously the whole country is affected by the different work practices.

"It is about lobbying the Government to adopt the recommendations and to include local government as a key stakeholder in the implementation."

Baker said implementing the recommendations would go a long to support regional communities affected by the work practice.

"This is not just a local issue, this is a national issue and the result will undoubtably influence the federal decision makers," she said.

"It's a huge success, however, our job's not done, we have to continue to work together and demonstrate the need."

Independent MP Tony Windsor wrote in the report's foreword that governments of all levels needed to recognise and act on the issues impacting regional communities who were hosting large FIFO workforces.

“….the work practice is eroding the liveability of some regional communities to such an extent that it is increasingly removing the choice to ‘live-in’ rather than simply ‘cash-in,” Windsor wrote.

Windsor said a policy mix was needed to ensure FIFO did not lead to "a hollowing out of established regional towns, particularly those inland.

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