FIFO hardships have miners turning to less experienced workers

An increasing amount of fly-in fly-out workers are having trouble coping with the lifestyle pressure of mining, and companies are now turning to less experienced staff to fill the gap.

AAP reports recruitment firm Hays said it was receiving more feedback that FIFO mining workers weren't coping with living away from home.

Hays also said workers were finding it difficult to live with the limited services and amenities provided at remote camps.

While there were still some employees capable of working in the harsh conditions Hays officials told AAP that FIFO work was not something that should be chosen "just for the money".

In its latest economic roundup Treasury reported mining firms were still experiencing acute skills shortages, particularly in specialised fields.

"In some cases, there were reports that this could lead to either sourcing less experienced staff or breaking up contract work into smaller parts," it said.

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