Federal Minister no-show at mining conference

Attendants of a key mining conference in Broken Hill have been disappointed by the federal Minister for Resources failure to show up.

Local Mayor Wincen Cuy told the ABC the controversies over the carbon tax may be the reason the minister did not attend.

"Martin Ferguson is the Minister for mining, it would have been great to see him here.

“I’m hoping it wouldn’t be that, hoping that maybe parliament is sitting and he just can’t make it.

"But in saying that, it would have been fantastic and mining tax is a controversial thing, it’s already fallen one Prime Minister, maybe Julia Gillard didn’t think it was worth the effort."

The Australian Resources and Energy Symposium includes sessions on issues in the resource industry and Cuy told the ABC it is an opportunity for Broken Hill.

"Not only will it be a project this year, but it’s planned to be a project from here on in, every year.

"So that to me is the most significant part about this, it’s not just a one off project, it’s an annual conference, so it’ll be here year in, year out," he said.

"It’ll bring economic wealth, and probably acknowledgment of Broken Hill as the mining capital of Australia."

Image: Herald Sun

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