Fatigue management and automated rostering set to hit the Pilbara

Fortescue has struck a deal with workforce management solutions company ComOps to deploy fatigue risk management software in its pit to port operations.

The software, Microster is a rostering program that purports to ensure best cost and staff coverage for Fortescue’s rail workforce.

Microster considers labour costs, FIFO logistics, flexible scheduling, award interpretation and leave management.

Fortescue currently uses spreadsheets to manage employee rosters.

ComOps’ program will eliminate this manual process and will enable labour costs to be more accurately monitored.

Troy Bootsma, superintendent operational readiness for Fortescue’s rail operations said the deployment of Microster within the company’s rail operations will significantly change processes for the better.

“Our rosters will take into account cost, demand and risk factors while automating much of the process,” he said.

“The greater visibility and capabilities will allow us to continue to grow at this rapid pace and help mature our rail crew management processes.”

Fortescue’s railway was the first large-scale railway development in Western Australia’s Pilbara region in more than 40 years.

It is currently the heaviest haul line in the world with a 40 tonne axel load capacity.

CommOps today announced the resignation of company chief executive Daniel Sheahan.

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