Extending pump life

An iron-ore mine in northern Minnesota is said to be benefiting from a slurry diverter design.

An iron-ore mine in northern Minnesota is said to be benefiting from a slurry diverter design.

The company was built with all-GIW pumps in the 1970s, but over time, the company migrated to other pumps and components, with the exception of one processing line that still relied on GIW machinery.

Recently, the company allowed GIW to test new systems on the one remaining GIW line.

According to GIW’s US northern region sales manager, Ben Altman, the mining company had no backup pumps on any of its processing lines, resulting in complete halts in production when a pump required maintenance.

Because the downtime of a production line can cost a mine up to $80,000 an hour, the company was willing to try a new GIW design if it would result in a significant extension of service life.

In addition to other changes, GIW used the opportunity to implement its slurry diverter design at this facility. Before the company made its changes, the average service life of the pumps on the line was about 4,200 hours. GIW updated the pump system, then:

  • Installed the new diverter into the GIW MDX pump and let the pump run without adjustment.
  • Evaluated the pump’s condition at 5,000 hours and made some minor adjustments to the configuration, but did not replace any pump components.
  • Evaluated the pump’s condition after an additional 2,400 service hours, for a total of 7,400 service hours without maintenance, a 76% increase in service life.

According to Altman, another key to the success in this case was the involvement of local sales and service representatives, who on site to solve problems with customers.

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