Exec drinks fracking fluid to prove its safety

 Dave Lesar, CEO of major mining and resources conglomerate Halliburton had one of his fellow executives take a sip of a new fracking fluid to prove its safety.

Fracking fluid is pumped into the ground as part of the process to extract coal seam gas. The process has been at the heart of intense debate in Australia and around the world. The NSW Governement recently extended  a ban on fracking to the end of the year. A further ban on toxic chemicals will be in place when the moratorium is lifted.

According to an Associated Press report, Lesar raised a container of Halliburton’s new CleanStim fracking fluid made from materials sourced from the food industry. 

He then called up a fellow executive to demonstrate how safe it was by drinking it, according to two attendees.

However the US company has since released a statement warning that the fluid should not be considered edible. 

Halliburton’s website lists CleanStim’s ingredients as enzyme, exthoxylated sugar-based fatty acid ester, inorganic and organic acids, inorganic salt, maltodextrin, organic ester, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, polysaccharide polymer and sulfonated alcohol.

However despite the new technology, there is no doubt coal seam gas will continue to be a heated issue with conflict between mining companies, agriculture and environmentalists hitting a peak.

A recent mining conference was interrupted by a fight between protesters and attendees, and Anna Bligh slamming the Greens “anti-science” stance on the issue .(Video below)



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