Excellence in Mine OH&S category

Sandvik is again sponsoring the 5th Annual Australian Mining Excellence in Mine OH&S award.

Sandvik is again sponsoring the 5th Annual Australian Mining Excellence in Mine OH&S award.

Finalists in this category are judged on how well they improve safety standards using new technology, innovative processes or techniques.

Last year’s finalists developed many safety procedures from eliminating hazards associated with drill rigs to improving mine rescue operations.

Swick Mining was a finalist in the 4th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Award category for designing a rig with features that eliminate many of the hazards often associated with surface reverse circulation drilling.

The company worked with a leading rig manufacturer (AirDrill) to engineer and construct the rig which uses some OEM components.

2007 Winner

Cornwall Coal was the overall winner in 2007 for their commitment to staffing and equipping mine rescue teams in Tasmania, at the cost of the company.

The Cornwall Coal Mines Rescue Team is an integral part of Cement Australia’s emergency preparedness management system.

In August 1996 a survey was conducted to identify the provision, organisation, operation and funding of mines rescue throughout Australia, so that other sectors of the mining industry were able to provide a resource pool for mines rescue across the country.

The Cornwall Coal Company Mines Rescue Team was established in 1981, following a fatal methane explosion at the Duncan Colliery.

The team was established with assistance from the Newcastle Mines Rescue Station, and now uses the Southern Mines Rescue Station (Mines Rescue Services, NSW) for training purposes.

The rescue team is fully funded by Cornwall Coal mines and continues to provide rescue services to Cement Australia and across the country, when required.

The team played an integral role in the rescue of the two miners at the Beaconsfield gold mine cave-in.

2006 Winner

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance’s Blackwater coal mine won the Excellence in mine OH&S award in 2006 for their innovative earth moving machines brake testing design.

The team involved established testing criteria for unloaded trucks. The main elements include allowable stopping distances and G-forces associated with deceleration. Then came the development of testing and training procedures.

Brisbane based safety design and evaluation firm Intersafe and the Queensland Government’s mines inspectorate — responsible for setting and auditing the mining industry’s health and safety standards verified the new testing system.

In August 2006 BMA Blackwater’s brake test received a Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Innovation Award.

For information on entering this category, email jessica.darnbrough@reedbusiness.com.au or call Jessica on 02 9422 2909.

Entries close Friday 27 June.

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