Ex- Monadelphous manager found guilty of fraud, jailed

A former Monadelphous project manager has been found guilty of defrauding the company of $30,000 and been sentenced to 14 months jail.

Bruce Alfred Little had pleaded not guilty to a series of offences alleged to have occurred from mid-July, 2006 to March 16, 2010.

The jury found little used company equipment, workers and a surplus in project budgets to carry out work on a pool and deck at his home, as well as other renovations and odd-jobs.

During the six day trial, Monadelphous employees said they agreed to undertake work at Little’s property "because he was a boss and he asked me".

Costs were charged back to a contract Monadelphous had with Queensland Alumina Limited at the time.

The Crown estimates the total value of the defrauding to total more than $52,000, which includes more than $34,000 in labour costs, Gladstone Observer reported.

Little had a conviction recorded against him and was sentenced to three years imprisonment, to be suspended after 14 months.

In handing down the sentence Judge Leanne Clare said the way Littleflagrantly abused that trust was breathtaking”.

"The offending represents one period in your life when you were deliberately dishonest.”

Crown prosecutor Melissa Wilson said Little had "shown no remorse" for his actions, and that "the accused took advantage of his senior position" in carrying out the fraud.

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