Evolution partners with Great Southern on QLD projects

Great Southern Mining has partnered with Evolution Mining to start hyperspectral surveys across the Edinburgh Park and Johnnycake projects in Queensland.

After promising results from its Rocky Ponds drill program, Great Southern believes Edinburgh Park and Johnnycake have the right qualities to host a Tier 1 deposit of a porphyry and/or epithermal mineralised system.

United States-based hyperspectral and geospatial solutions company SpecTIR will run hyperspectral imaging tests to locate minerals in the soil.

The surveys will provide unparalleled views of the geology of both projects, highlighting zones that surround porphyry and epithermal styles of mineralisation.

Great Southern’s current hypothesis, based on the Rocky Ponds drill program, is that the drilling intersected the marginal part of the ore system.

These results are extremely encouraging for the existence of a well-developed, high-sulphidation gold, silver and copper deposit nearby.

Great Southern executive chairperson John Terpu said Evolution presented it with the opportunity for a partnership to acquire this data over an extensive Queensland land tenure.

“Combined with our ongoing detailed geology and geochemistry programs, (this) gives GSN an incredibly powerful dataset to evaluate new and existing drill ready targets across our projects,” Terpu said.

“The interest from Evolution validates our reconnaissance exploration and drill programs to date at the Edinburgh Park and Johnnycake projects.

“(This) gives us the confidence that the geology has all the right attributes to host a Tier 1 deposit of a porphyry and/or epithermal mineralised system.

“It also allows us to further examine the promising results of the drill program at the Rocky Ponds Breccia.”

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