ESS 3000 Sealing System Serviceability

Conveyors Belts are one of the most efficient methods of transporting bulk materials with a plant. However, all conveyors experience some level of fugitive material. Fugitive material in a conveyor system results in accelerated wear of components, belt misalignment and belt damage. Fugitive material also increases risks to personnel including increased health, manual handling and environmental risks.

Australian legislation requires owners and site operators to reduce and manage safety and environmental risks. Corporate goals include increasing profitability by ensuring maximum productivity and reduced replacement and maintenance costs. As such, safety and efficiency are two primary goals of all Australian bulk material handling operations.

Most fugitive material from conveyors, (like dust and spillage) is generated at load zones and transfer points. Containment of material can be achieved by utilising a troughed belt in conjunction with an effective skirting system. ESS, Engineering Services & Supplies Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading suppliers of conveyor solutions, have developed a new skirting mounting system that reduces these problems.

Skirting systems are typically installed from the load zones to the end of the settling zone to keep spillage from occurring and dust from escaping. Skirting is mounted on the steel frame structure supporting the conveyor system and engages the conveyor belt to ensure an efficient dust seal.

Conveyor Skirting mounting assemblies in the past have been difficult to install and adjust and can potentially create sharp edges that cause damage to the top cover of the conveyor belt.

ESS 3000 HD Series Skirting System is designed for ease of installation, adjustment and flexibility in skirting choices. By utilising a clamp mount (attached to the outside of the conveyor skirt board) the ESS 3000 HD Series Skirting System holds the skirting material in place, contacting the belt to form a seal.

The ESS 3000 Series Clamp mounting system is manufactured in 304 stainless steel as a standard and available in 316 stainless steel to suit a variety of applications and duties. By using stainless steel, the  ESS 3000 Series Clamp System is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, particularly con corrosive environments.

The ESS 3000 Series Clamp System is comprised of a retainer bracket, clamp, cotter and pin. The bracket can be bolted or welded onto the conveyor skirtboard. The brackets welded to prefabricated backing plates can also be supplied to simplify installation. The ESS 3000 Series Clamp System’s mount centres and installation height are customisable allowing for flexibility when installing especially in confined spaces.

In typical applications, skirting can sometimes be shaken loose, causing the mounting to contact the belt. The ESS 3000 Series Clamp System is designed to adjust vertically; the clamp cannot rotate and come in contact with the belt. The Clamp is also designed so that it cannot be removed from the lowest position, ensuring that the clamp cannot fall away. The skirt clamp cannot remain secure even against vibration because the serrated cotter holds the clamp in place.

Scheduled maintenance shutdowns provide a brief window of opportunity to adjust, maintain and replace conveyor components and accessories. The ESS 3000 Series Clamp System is designed to ensure maximum efficiency during adjustment and replacement of the skirting system. The Clamp system allows for adjustment of the skirt without having to disassemble the clamp. Adjustment of the skirting is done by simply raising or lowering the clamp bracket. The ESS 3000 Series Clamp System also utilises a hammer in, hammer out system to make adjustment simple.

The ESS 3000 HD Series Skirting system is compatible with a wide variety of materials, skirting profiles and lengths.  ESS supplies ESS 3000 skirt blocks that come in 350mm lengths as standard. These segmented blocks are designed to combat uneven wear and feature a dove-tail design to ensure segments act as a single, secure seal. The ESS 3000 skirt blocks segments allow for easy adjustment and economical replacement in high wear areas rather than replacing the entire skirting system.

When used with effective belt support and correctly designed wear liners, the ESS 3000 Series skirting can virtually eliminate material loss from the conveyor load zone, leading to a more efficient, safe and successful conveyor operation.

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