Esco develops new lifting system

ESCO Corporation has released a new SecureLift lifting system.

Developed specifically for mining, the Nemisys Lip System creates an integrated lifting system for points and adapters.

“With the new SecureLIft project, mining crews have a purpose-built solution for handling worn Nemisys parts, lowering touch time and reducing risk from unplanned movement,” ESCO said in a company statement.

It uses integrated locks of the Nemisys system to create a lifting device that allow for a more secure removal of worn parts, minimising unplanned movement of parts.

It has already been field tested at a number of mines around Australia.

“We chose to implement extensive field trials for SecureLift in Australia, where mines have very stringent safety regulations,” ESCO VP for mining products, Mark Momola, said.

“Miners were given a product that not only improved efficiency but also reduced risk. Specifically, mine personnel are citing the product’s ease of use and improvement over nylon strings.”

SecureLift reportedly comes in a range of different sizes and covers the complete range of Nemisys points and adapters.


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