Escape from Kyrgyzstan after horse sausage incident

A Scottish welding supervisor who was arrested under racial hatred laws for comparing a type of Kyrgyz sausage to horse penis has told of his recent escape from Kyrgyzstan.

Michael Mcfeat, an employee of Centerra Gold at the Kumtor Gold Mine, said he had to flee for his life from the central Asian country after a mob tried to run his vehicle off the road.

Mcfeat was deported after being smuggled from the mine in the back of an ambulance.

Authorities told Mcfeat that he could have started an international incident between Kyrgyzstan and the UK.

 "The police told me my act could send Kyrgyzstan to war with the UK,” Mcfeat said.

Mcfeat explained that he genuinely believed the chuckuk severed at a Hogmanay feast was indeed horse penis, which led to his offending Facebook post.

"I was told from my first time here last March that it was a horse's penis. All the expats believed it and probably still do."

The Facebook post led to Mcfeat’s arrest, after co-workers at the mine went on strike to demand that he be prosecuted under racial hatred laws, collecting a petition of more than 100 signatures in the process.

Mcfeat was smuggled from the mine in an ambulance, then transferred to a Jeep with two security guards, however locals ambushed the vehicle on the way to Bishkek.

"I was told my post had caused an uprising and there was a lynch mob of hundreds coming to get me, so they needed me off the site for my own safety,” he said.

"They were ramming us, trying to kill us.

"We stopped and five of them came out with something in their hands.

"I wasn't sure if they were guns or knives or clubs, so I hid in the boot.

"The driver put the jeep into reverse and fled. They ended up chasing us all around the town."

The Telegraph reported that Mcfeat was “thrown out of the Jeep in an industrial estate”.

"They said, ‘Someone will come for you'. It was pitch black and I could hear cars screeching around looking for me," he said.

"I didn't know if I'd be rescued or if I'd been left to die. I thought, I'm not going to get out of this'.

"I lay flat against a wall using my rucksack to hide my face. Every time a car came I just hoped no one could see me."

Mcfeat received a text message from employees at the mine about 45 minutes later, asking where he was and saying more security has been sent to rescue him.

"I had to sneak along the road to find them and, by luck, I did," he said.

On arriving at the airport in the capital of Bishkek, Mcfeat saw “giant wanted posters” with his picture, taken from social media.

Armed police arrested Mcfeat at the passport control, handcuffing him and taking him to a police station.

After arriving in the UK, Mcfeat said he was “relieved to be back in one piece”.

Mcfeat is now banned from entering Kyrgyzstan for five years. 

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