Epiroc delivers multi machine automation to underground mines

Image: Epiroc

Epiroc has brought new standards of productivity and safety to underground mining through its Scooptram Automation Total package.

At the core of the Scooptram Automation Total package is the traffic management system, which enables multi machine loader automation.

This creates a common information environment that controls multiple fleets of loaders, eliminating the risk of collisions in common drifts.

Epiroc global product manager automation Vladimir Sysoev described the offering as a great step forward in the development of world leading automation and information management solutions.

“Scooptram Automation Total is really a game changer when it comes to increasing safety for underground operators and at the same time levelling up the efficiency,” Sysoev said.

An operator can easily control and monitor the vehicles progress throughout the mine from a safe distance in a “comfortable” operator station.

The automation area is fully isolated with safety barriers that shut off the system if personnel or unauthorised vehicles accidentally enter.

Operators can also bring new vehicles into the area and add them to the traffic management system without stopping the production.

Scooptram Automation Total is part of Epiroc’s 6th Sense Transport offering, which is designed to optimise companies’ value chain through interoperability solutions, connecting automation, system integration and information management.

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