Enormous pair of matching rubies uncovered

Gemfields has found a massive pair of matching rubies at its Montepuez ruby mine, in Mozambique.

The two rough gems, with a combined weight of 45 carats, will be auctioned off at the company’s ruby auction in Singapore next week, Gemfields said in a company statement.

The rubies also feature the ‘pigeon blood’ colour previously only thought to exist in Burmese rubies.

 “It is extremely rare to find two matching rubies of this size, colour and quality,” Ian Harebottle, Gemfields CEO, said.

“Their discovery underscores the importance of the Montepuez deposit as a source of some of the highest quality rubies the world has seen in generations.”

This latest discovery comes less than a year after the discovery of the single 40 carat ‘Rhino Ruby’ at the same deposit.

While now price has as yet been attached to the two rubies, a 25.59 carat Burmese ruby, dubbed the Sunrise Ruby, recently sold at auction in Geneva in May for US$30.3 million, setting the stone’s record of close to U$S1.2 million per carat, surpassing the the previous record holder, the Graff ruby ring, which sold for US$8.6 million in November last year.

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