Enerpac automated system gives heavy machinery a lift

The four Enerpac JS500 towers lifting the mining shovel.

Elko Wire Rope has selected the Enerpac JS500 jack-up system to undeck a 1500-tonne electric rope shovel at a copper mine site in southwestern United States.

The jack-up system was introduced as a solution to lifting the entire upper works of the rope shovel to have maintenance and repairs performed. Its preparation took 16 hours to complete.

This system is operated and controlled by a computer control unit known as smart cylinder control (SCC). It is engineered to provide optimum safety and precision control for demanding high-tonnage lifting and lowering applications.

Four jack-up units with a lifting capacity of 2000 metric tons are positioned under each corner of a load in a typical system setup. No one is required under or near the load.

Load readouts for each JS unit are shown on the operator screen and are used to calculate where the centre of gravity is within the stability triangle for the lift.

“This was the first time a shovel had been undecked using Enerpac JS equipment. We have had animations and idea-builders that we have shown customers, but only Elko has taken the leap with us for this application,” Enerpac sales director-Americas for heavy lifting technology Mike Beres said.

“It was a perfect match. We have the product to do the lifting of the equipment and Elko has the capability for building the attachments to integrate to the equipment.”

A solution for such a lift typically involves custom long-stroke hydraulic cylinders or a staged lift. This gets most but not all of the task solved, according to Enerpac.

While the lift was being done, the team monitored the level of the car body and upper revolving deck from inside the machine to confirm clearance around the pin and to make adjustments to the car body with Enerpac’s EVO synchronous lift system, all while they did the lift on the outside with the jack-up system, Enerpac national sales manager Darryl Lange explained.

“This was a unique feature for shovel undecking that hasn’t been done before,” he added.

The JS500 system is part of the Enerpac range of heavy lift, shift, balance and place solutions that can go up 40–50 feet high (12.2–15.2 metres).

It is suitable for lifts of heavy machinery and electrical plant, and even entire buildings throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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