Enerflow bolsters services through new workshop

When mining activity increases, so does the demand for reliable machinery that can day in and day outperform the require availabilities of the client. Recognising the increased demand for machinery is one of the driving forces for Enerflow Mining Services to move into a larger workshop that facilitates machine rebuilds.

Since relocating into the workshop, several machine rebuilds have been completed including a full rebuild on a SKF blast hole drill rig that had before the rebuild been parked up for multiple years.

The scope of the rebuild includes an inhouse overhaul of all major components, a full refurbishment of the drills electrical systems and returning all wearing components to OEM specification.

Furthermore, there was a focus on improvements that included an upgraded of undercarriage track guides and the carousel pivot was modified to overcome known weaknesses. In addition, safety improvements around the drill cab that addressed fatigue management and dust suppression for the operator was carried out.

Since going to work after the rebuild on a Western Australian lithium mine the drill performance has been excellent, achieving exceptional availabilities with minimal breakdowns.

Josh Staveley Enerflow product support manager after his recent visit commented that “going the extra mile in the rebuild is really paying off for our client as the machine is a workhorse” and that “the safety advances are working as forecasted in the field that is improving the operators work environment”.

Currently, Enerflow Mining Services workshop is busy completing several rebuilds on Epiroc D65 drill rigs. While the D65 is a smaller drill than the SKF it has additional functionality, diagnostics and data logging capabilities that add value to clients operations.

Josh Staveley commented that “enquiries for dry hiring the D65 has been very strong with clients seeking to take advantage of the cost savings with the hole navigation system”

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