Endeavour Awards finalists 2020

The finalists of the 17th Endeavour Awards have been announced despite the challenges that the manufacturing sector faces.

The Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards 2020 sees a high calibre of entrants representing Australia in an international capacity with innovative ideas, new technologies and the best in supply chain strategies.

Orica Mining Services has snapped up a finalist position for the Beckhoff Technology Application Award, SEW Eurodrive Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award and Best Industrial Internet of Things Application.

Orica’s FRAGTrack measurement tool is designed to provide rapid insights into the outcome of a blasting process.

The advanced vision technology improves productivity through fragmentation profile analysis, facilitating blast optimisation for downstream impact.

FRAGTrack automatically analyses the rock that is produced after the blast to determine what should happen to the material.

The Environmental Solution of the Year category also sees Perth-based Lithium Australia as a finalist.

The company is recognised for its LieNA process, which can improve recoveries, reduce the footprint of mining operations and lessen environmental impacts.

LieNA consists of a caustic digestion process followed by acid leaching to recover the desired lithium chemical. It requires no roasting, making it a more environmentally friendly solution to processing spodumene.

With its ability to process fine and contaminated spodumene that would otherwise go to waste, LieNA has the potential to not only expand current hard-rock lithium resources, but also enhance the sustainability of spodumene production.

The complete list of the Endeavour Awards 2020 finalists is below.

Technology Application Award (sponsored by Beckhoff)

  • Automated Turnkey System – Mexx Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Titomic Kinetic Fusion – Titomic
  • FRAGTrack – Orica Mining Services
  • MyCelx – OLEOLOGY
  • Carbon Fibre Robotic Preforming Cell – Special Patterns

Environmental Solution of the Year

  • Centre for Infrastructure Engineering – Western Sydney University
  • Automated Concrete Test Laboratory – Mexx Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Protectiflex – Tyre Stewardship Australia & Flexiroc Australia
  • Waterlink SmartMESH and NB-IoT Technology – Successful Endeavours
  • LieNA – Lithium Australia NL

Outstanding Start-Up Award (sponsored by Weld Australia)

  • Black Sky Aerospace
  • NISKA Retail Robotics

Global Supply Chain Integration of the Year (sponsored by ICN)

  • Helitak Fire Tank – Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment
  • REDARC BCDC In-vehicle Charger – REDARC
  • Invar36 Tool – Titomic
  • Debagging and Bottle Conveying System – Mexx Engineering Pty Ltd

Safety Solution of the Year

  • HV2 Barrier – Saferoads
  • PSENscan – Pilz Australia & New Zealand
  • Sentinel Vision AI System -PRM Engineering Services
  • VOH450 – Liquip

Excellence in Manufacturing Skills Development (sponsored by IBSA)

  • CMSE, Certified Machinery Safety Expert – Pilz Australia & New Zealand
  • APR.Intern – Australian Postgraduate Research Intern
  • Deepening Operational Skills at Asaleo Care Springvale – Asaleo Care
  • Manufacturing Skills Development Program – Supashock

Australian Industrial Product of the Year (sponsored by Vega)

  • Carbon Fibre Robotic Preforming Cell – Special Patterns
  • DB Ultimate Distribution Board – APS Industrial
  • Automated Turnkey System – Mexx Engineering Pty Ltd

Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award (sponsored by SEW Eurodrive)

  • GCX Linear – ANCA
  • DecoFloor – DECO Australia
  • Black Fire-retardant Silicone Seals – Jehbco Silicones
  • Automated Concrete Test Laboratory – Mexx Engineering Pty Ltd
  • FRAGTrack – Orica Mining Services
  • Successful Endeavours

Excellence in Growth (sponsored by BDO)

  • Noja Power
  • Supashock
  • Successful Endeavours
  • Flexicon

Best Industrial IoT Application

  • FRAGTrack – Orica Mining Services
  • Accumulatos – Accumulatos

Manufacturer of the Year (sponsored by Bestech)

All nominations for the Endeavour Awards 2020 are automatically entered into the Manufacturer of the Year Award.

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