Emmerson Resources’ Australian first application of HeliTEM

Emmerson Resources have carried out the first Australian HeliTEM geophysical survey over the Tennant Creek Mineral Field.

According to the company, this technology is the world’s most powerful helicopter geophysical survey system.

Emmerson Resources will carry out the surveys over historic copper-gold deposits such as White Devil, Orlando and Gecko, after which it will target prospective areas for large, tier 1 copper-gold deposits that lie hidden under cover.

The region has only has 7% of its area drilled below 150 metres, with the miner believing that the most prospective rocks in the field lay underneath recent cover.

Emmerson stated that the HeliTEM system is not only the world’s most powerful helicopter supported time-domain electromagnetic system, but also has a unique low noise receiver to ensure greater depth penetration.

This is due to its placement above, and not in the centre of the transmitting loop.

It also provides measurements in X, Y, and Z receiver coils for both dB/dt and B-Field.

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