Emesent provides underground mapping solution with Getac V110

Emesent has teamed up with Getac to provide mining customers with a mapping solution for unchartered territories in mining fields.

Combining Getac’s fully rugged convertible V110 notebook for drone autonomy and Emesent’s underground mapping insights, Emesent can now provide mining companies with a complete solution.

The V110 notebook can be used as a drone control platform r handheld to provide autonomous mapping by capturing light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data while being tough enough to withstand extreme mining environments.

Weighing just 2.1 kilograms and being made of high-quality magnesium alloy, the V110 is compact, lightweight and drop-resistant and can easily be converted between a display notebook and a tablet computer.

The V110 also features a hot-swappable dual battery design, giving users uninterrupted battery life for long usage underground.

Emesent chief executive officer and co-founder doctor Stefan Hrabar said the flexibility and long-battery life were two of the features that attracted the company to select the Getac V110 for its solution.

“Safety and operational hazards at workplaces are important factors for mining companies and we want to supply them with a comprehensive solution that not only enables them to operate but also improves efficiency without hassle,” Hrabar said.

“Harsh conditions in mining meant that we needed a device that was rugged enough and able to complement our smart mobile scanning unit.

“That is why we selected the Getac V110. Its ability to convert from laptop to tablet provides users with the flexibility of both options (and) we also appreciate its hot-swappable dual-battery feature that enables users to process the LiDAR data underground, regardless of whether they have access to power.”

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